Teacher Resources

Welcome teachers! Thank you for partnering with us to keep kids safe.

Sexual abuse prevention education may seem like a difficult and overwhelming topic to address right now. As an educator, you know students need information about their right to safety from sexual harm. Students also need to know where to get help, especially now when many have been isolated from their circle of trusted adults.

Please watch the video below to help remind you of your role as a trusted adult.

Download our School Program Overview and Teacher Guide so you feel ready to have us in your classroom.

Stuck? Tech issues? Tricky questions? We are here to help you. Email us at training@blueskybridge.org and we will jump on a google call, chat on the phone, or help in any way that works for you.

During the 2020-2021 school year we adapted our School Based program to a virtual format to continue providing this important education. We are keeping this resource available for unique circumstances. Instructions and detailed curriculum below. Please email training@blueskybridge.org if you're in need of a virtual format.