School Based Education

Third Grade Program

Our School Based Education Program utilizes a three-tiered holistic approach that includes a presentation with tips and resources for parents, training for school personnel, and a program for 3rd grade children consisting of four thirty-minute class presentations. The class presentations are developmentally age appropriate with an emphasis on touching rules and body safety rules, the difference between secrets and surprises, identifying trusted adults, and the “No, Go, Tell” plan.

The curriculum seeks to increase awareness of abuse, teach strategies for prevention, and instruct on how to report abuse if it has occurred. The curriculum also equips children with a strategy to help keep themselves safe and encourages open dialogue between children and the adults in their lives on issues related to sexual development and abuse.

Kinder Program

Building on the success of our third grade program, Blue Sky Bridge has developed a curriculum for younger audiences.

The kindergarten program is delivered over four consecutive weeks during 15 minute presentations. The lessons lay the foundation for our third grade body safety program by covering the following key concepts in a developmentally appropriate way:

  • Body autonomy – understanding our personal space bubble and boundaries
  • Safe & Unsafe touch – recognizing the “uh oh” feeling, saying stop, and getting help
  • Private parts – knowing that some parts of our bodies are special and shouldn’t be touched and those are the parts covered by a swimsuit
  • Trusted adults – identifying who to tell if someone gives us the uh oh feeling, gives us an unsafe touch or does anything involving our private parts; these are things grown-ups need to know about

The curriculum uses simple language, puppets for role play, books, videos and worksheets to reinforce learning objectives.

We’re excited to offer delivery of our kindergarten curriculum in English or Spanish.


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Parent Resources

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