Training for Adults

We believe it is the responsibility of adults to keep children safe. At Blue Sky Bridge, we offer a range of trainings, which can be completed on location or in our office. These training sessions will teach adults methods for working with youth.
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Community Training:

Stewards of Children 

Stewards of Children is the only nationally available program scientifically proven to increase knowledge, improve attitudes and change child-protective behaviors. Developed by Darkness to Light, the training features individuals with lived experience as well as experts in the field explaining the five steps to protect children.  Learn more HERE

Understanding Childhood Sexuality: (Littles & Middles,  Teens & Tweens)

These skills-based training sessions create the foundation for prevention by helping adults understand sexual development at each age (normal to problematic).  Adults will learn how to have open conversations with children about sexuality, and how to react when kids engage in sexual behaviors.

Littles & Middles – Ages birth –5th grade

Tweens & Teens – Middle/High School  

The Prequel – Recognizing and Responding to Grooming

This training backs up the train of prevention by teaching participants to recognize and respond to grooming techniques commonly used by offenders.  It also covers how to talk with adults and children who may be violating physical, emotional or sexual boundaries.

Body Safety in an Online World

Kids and teens spend a large amount of their time in the online world.  This training will help participants identify specific areas of vulnerability online and give them language to use when talking to kids and teens about safety online.  Topics include common online issues including, gaming, sexting and pornography.

School Based Education Parent Talk

This training is included as part of our school based education program.  The presentation provides an overview of the material and talking points children will receive in each of the four lessons in the classroom.  Also included are prevention and safety tips for caregivers..  

Training for Professionals: 

CSA 101

This training covers the basics of child sexual abuse.  The presentation can be customized but typically includes: facts & stats, warning signs, prevention tips, talking to kids, handling disclosures, and reporting abuse.

Mandated Reporter Review ++

This training serves as a review of mandated reporting for individuals who regularly receive training.  Special topics can be added to this training to customize (Healthy Touch for Children, Trafficking, Understanding Sexual Behaviors)

You are a Trusted Adult

This training is for any adult working with children who has a basic understanding of child sexual abuse. This session covers the disclosure process, how kids tell at different ages, and evaluating and responding to sexual behaviors between children.  Participants will have a chance to hear practical examples of how to question & respond to children.

Mandated Reporting

A shortened version of CSA 101 with enhanced coverage of mandatory reporter laws, when & how to make a report, barriers to reporting, handling a disclosure, and what to expect after a report.

School Based Education Staff Talk

This training is included as part of our school based education program.  The presentation provides an overview to school staff of the material and talking points children will receive in each of the four lessons in the classroom and how staff can reinforce those lessons.  This presentation also includes a brief review of mandated reporting including responding to a disclosure and making a report. 

Sexual Behaviors 101

Sexual behaviors between children are becoming more prevalent in a variety of environments. This training teaches participants which behaviors are common and which are concerning at each age.  It shares a specific framework for understanding and responding to behaviors. Participants will learn both an overview and specific phrases for responding.

Sexual Behaviors 201

Building on the framework of SB101, this training covers when a behavior becomes problematic, risk factors for developing problematic behaviors, and important considerations.  It also covers an overview of important therapeutic elements and safety planning at home and in school.

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