Our Work

Blue Sky Bridge was established to provide a safe and supportive environment for abuse victims where a neutral, professionally-led forensic interview provides case information for all participating law enforcement, judicial and social service agencies.

Boulder County professionals recognize that child abuse is too vast and complex an issue for one agency to adequately address. Blue Sky Bridge’s Child Advocacy Program collaborates with other agencies such as law enforcement, the Department of Housing and Human Services, the District Attorney’s Office, County Health, Mental Health, and Victim Service Programs to provide a comprehensive, supportive and professional response to child abuse cases.

Blue Sky Bridge is committed to serving both the children who enter the abuse investigation process and those children who have not yet found a way to tell their story. Our School-based Education and Training Programs help ensure that kids know they are the boss of their own bodies and that they, and the adults around them, know where to turn for help.

Blue Sky Bridge is an Accredited Member of the National Children’s Alliance.

Our Mission

Blue Sky Bridge fosters safe communities, healing, and justice to end child abuse.