Emma's Story

It used to be that a child, let's call her Emma, would have to tell her story of abuse over and over to potentially more than a dozen school officials, police officers, doctors, attorneys, and social workers.
Today, Emma and her family are able to come to one place, our place. Here they receive the help and support they need. Emma can tell her story while law enforcement and a child protection caseworker listen in another room. And Emma's family can meet with an advocate to help them understand the process and begin the healing journey. One place. One interview.

Forensic Interviews at Blue Sky Bridge are:

  • Child-led and conducted in a way to minimize suggestibility and trauma.
  • Observed live by Law Enforcement and/or a case worker from the Department of Housing and Human Services.
  • Recorded and handed over as property of Law Enforcement, which can then be submitted as evidence in the investigation.