Partner Resources

Blue Sky Bridge is still providing interviews. We have created this page to keep you informed about the most up to date changes in our process. We have adjusted the interview process to ensure the safety of children, families, and staff. Starting June 1st:

  • Blue Sky Bridge is requesting/requiring partners on-site to observe forensic interviews. In case you forgot, our address is 2617 Iris Hollow Place.
  • BSB staff, partners, and families coming to BSB will be required to wear masks while on site.
  • Partners will arrive 30 minutes prior to the forensic interview start time to staff the case with the team.
  • Forensic interviews will take place in room with masks (unless an accommodation is needed).
  • Family support advocacy sessions will also take place in-person with masks (unless an accommodation is needed).
  • Forensic interviewer, partners and family support advocate will attend the pre and post meeting with caregivers before and after the forensic interview in-person with masks.
  • Marion – she is at Blue Sky Bridge waiting to see people!

Information for Victim Advocates

As a member of the multidisciplinary team supporting Blue Sky Bridge Child Advocacy Center, I understand that I will be privy to confidential information during forensic interviews and associated discussions with team members. I agree, within the bounds allowed by law, to maintain the strict confidentiality of all records and information on cases scheduled for forensic interviews. I further agree to conduct business in confidential spaces, wear headphones when confidentiality cannot be maintained, and not release any records of information on any children or family members seen at Blue Sky Bridge, except as it relates to Federal and State law and legitimate program operations of my agency.