Partner Resources

Blue Sky Bridge is still providing interviews. We have created this page to keep you informed about the most up to date changes in our process. We have adjusted the interview process to ensure the safety of children, families, and staff. Blue Sky Bridge is currently using a tele-forensic interview (TFI) and in-room with masks option.

  • A tele-forensic interview is a forensic interview that utilizes technology to allow the child and the interviewer to be in separate rooms while talking
  • If needed, the Interviewer may conduct the interview in the same room as the child utilizing face masks and do their best to maintain social distancing
Yes! Our Family Support Advocates are available to speak with caregivers virtually or by phone.
  • Confirm with Blue Sky Bridge and the caregiver that the proposed date/time will work
  • When confirming the appointment please gather the pre-meeting information from the caregiver
  • Inform the caregiver that a Family Support Advocate will be calling them prior to the day of the appointment (health screening, reviewing information about Blue Sky Bridge and tele-forensic interview process)
    • Only one caregiver/child(ren) who will be forensically interviewed may attend the forensic interview
  • For first time remote observation, please schedule a time for a test Zoom call with a BSB interviewer (must have access to a camera and microphone)
  • If someone is going to observe the interview in your place, please inform Blue Sky Bridge (please make sure the observer has all relevant case information and is prepared to staff the case with BSB and provide next steps to the family in the post meeting)
  • 30 minutes prior to the case time, sign into the Zoom link invitation from the account
  • Ensure you have or have access to all case related information and be prepared to review with the team
  • You will need a computer with a camera and microphone to participate in the interview process
  • Take notes throughout interview as reference when interviewer takes their break and/or for writing reports
  • If you experience any technological difficulties, please inform the BSB Tech Support staff on the Zoom meeting
  • After the forensic interview and before the post meeting, you will have a chance to consult and review with the team
  • Watch our TFI video
  • Be prepared for a video call with caregivers
  • Please use the Zoom link invitation titled, “Post Meeting & Family Support” provided by the Family Support Advocate, for the post meeting with caregivers
  • Provide a summary of the interview
  • Be prepared to talk about next steps in your investigation
Please call BSB to determine a time to pick up your disc(s).
You may send an email to and an interviewer will follow up with you as soon as possible.
  • You may reach Robin Friesen-Holwell, the Program Director, at or you may call at 303-444-1388
  • Complete a survey! As a valued member of Blue Sky Bridge, we want to hear your opinions and suggestions about the tele-forensic interview process and the work of the team. Your feedback will help us find out what is
    working well and what changes are needed.
  • Please reach out to one of the family support advocates to schedule a medical exam for a child
  • The advocate will coordinate with our medical providers and the caregiver
  • Only one family in the building at a time
  • Each person who enters BSB must immediately wash their hands and wear a face covering at all times
  • Reduced staff working in the building each day
  • Thorough cleaning of each room in between cases
  • Disinfecting all touch surfaces throughout the day
  • Utilizing technology to meet virtually with children/caregivers, whenever possible
  • If sharing space, a face covering must be worn at all times and social distancing must be practiced

Information for Victim Advocates

Child abuse can impact the whole family, which is why our Family Support Program offers support to caregivers during and after the Forensic Interview. Our goal is to ensure that the adult(s) caring for the child are receiving the information and tools they need in order to move forward and heal. Our advocates also take Crisis Calls and are available to help. Erik and Maryssa can be reached at and

VA Training Resources
It is vitally important that victim advocates remain current on developments in the fields relevant to their delivery of services to children and families and to continue to develop their expertise. Per Accreditation Standards, individuals who provide victim advocacy services to Blue Sky Bridge clients must demonstrate participation in ongoing education in the field of victim advocacy and child maltreatment consisting of a minimum of 8 contact hours every 2 years.

Click here to access training opportunities!

  • What do I tell the family about their Blue Sky Bridge appointment?
    If a case of yours is scheduled for an appointment with us at Blue Sky Bridge you can let the family know that the forensic interview process is a safe place for both children and parents to talk about their experiences. The child will be interviewed one-on-one with a trained Forensic Interviewer in a trauma and developmentally informed way. The caregivers that accompany the child will meet at the same time with a Family Support Advocate to talk about their needs, make referrals to services, and go over community resources that could be beneficial. Please refer to this guide regarding preparing a family for their appointment.
  • What do I do if the family does not have reliable transportation to the appointment?
    We can connect you with other VA services in the county that can also assist in transporting the family. Blue Sky Bridge can also arrange an Uber if the family doesn’t have the ability to transport themselves. As long as a parent, or custodian, can accompany the child to the appointment, we can accommodate for transportation issues.
  • Can I drive them and be with parents during the appointment?
    Yes, you are more than welcome in their family support session if the family is willing. Please let us know if you are planning to accompany the family ahead of time. During COVID if you feel being with the caregiver would be beneficial we can have you participate virtually to ensure the safety of the family. Please let us at BSB know if you are planning on participating so the Family Support Advocate can include you in the zoom invitations.
  • What should I share with Blue Sky Bridge about my case prior to the interview?
    If you have been working with the family prior to the forensic interview, please connect with us over email or via phone to alert us of your involvement. If the caregiver or parent has mental health or developmental delays or other issues that would be a barrier for them to understand or engage it is highly important for the Family Support Advocates to know ASAP. Useful information for our interviewers to know can be located in the above tab “Scheduling & Pre-Interview Guidelines.” As part of the MDT information sharing is encouraged so we can provide all appropriate and necessary services to support and assist the family, this can include services already in place and pending referrals to ensure no duplication and quicker interventions. An ROI is not necessary to collaborate and share necessary information with us regarding shared cases. Please see the above tab for the Family Support Advocates contact information.
  • I have a case with a child victim and think an FI is appropriate, what can I do?
    Thank you for thinking of us! You should consult the detective or officer assigned to the case and discuss whether they agree a forensic interview would be appropriate. If you would like to know more about what qualifies a child to have a forensic interview you can always call us.
  • I would like to refer a family to your medical program, but they haven’t been to Blue Sky Bridge before. How do I do that?
    All medical appointments can be referred to either Family Support Advocate by email or phone call. Currently we have one day a week that our SANE nurse is on site conducting pediatric medical appointments.
    Please use this brochure as a guide to who may qualify for an appointment.