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Please read below for information on how we are currently operating at Blue Sky Bridge, and what we need from our team right now.

While so many things feel like they are at a standstill during these hard and crazy times, we all know that the issue of child abuse is still here, and that there are kids who need help. Blue Sky Bridge is here, and still providing forensic interviews for kids, teens, and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The interviews and the steps surrounding them might be different, but our team of forensic interviewers and family support advocates are here to provide these necessary services to keep investigations moving forward.

Our team has implemented a process and system for providing these services that focuses on safety. Safety for the kids, teens, and caregivers who come to Blue Sky Bridge, safety for our partners, and safety for our staff so they can continue doing this important work. Here is what that looks like today:

  • To schedule a forensic interview, please click on the intake form below. Partners will fill out the intake form with as much information as they have and send it to . You can download the form, fill it out, and send it to along with any other relevant case information (Mornings work best for mom’s work schedule, or they can only do Thursdays).
  • Because we aren’t having a formal pre-meeting with the caregivers, we are relying more on our partners to gather information about the family, the outcry and the current state of the child/teen from the caregiver prior to the interview and counting on partners to share that information to the rest of the team before the forensic interview. We need partners to show up to forensic interviews prepared and ready to share information. Please be prepared by having all of your case material with you at the time of the interview; including case report, DHS assessment and having TRAILS open.
  • To discuss a forensic interview, or to change a previously scheduled interview, email and a team member will get back to you as soon as they possibly can. Please use this new email instead of contacting Katie or Amanda directly – this will help them find balance with their workloads.
  • We ask that all parties join the Zoom call 30 minutes before the interview is scheduled to start. This allows all team members to share information with each other, plan out the interview and see what information would be helpful, and also make sure that all technology is connected and working properly.
  • When forensic interviews are scheduled, only the child(ren) being interviewed and one caregiver are allowed in the building. They are asked COVID screening questions the day before the interview is scheduled to ensure that everyone who enters the building is healthy. They wear masks and wash their hands upon entrance to Blue Sky Bridge.
  • All forensic interviews start out as tele-forensic interviews. This means that the child/teen is in one room and the interviewer is in another room. They are connected via Zoom and screens, enabling both the child/teen and the interviewer to speak to each other with masks off. If the forensic interviewer needs to go into the room with the child/teen, both parties will have masks and the forensic interviewer will do her best to maintain social distance.
  • The family support advocate and caregiver(s) also meet virtually. This enables other caregivers to join the session even if they are not present in the building. The caregiver who brings the child/teen is in a family room downstairs and the family support advocate is in their office upstairs. This allows our family support advocates to meet with more than one caregiver at a time, and provide them resources and support without masks.
  • All rooms are thoroughly cleaned and aired out in between forensic interviews.
  • Law Enforcement partners are provided with 2 recordings of each interview, the DVD from the camera in the room with the child and also the Zoom recording of child/teen and the interviewer. Caseworkers will receive a DVD of the Zoom recording.
    Currently investigators and partners are observing the interview remotely via Zoom. You will receive this link in an email from prior to the interview. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT THE COMPUTER YOU ARE USING HAS A CAMERA AND MICROPHONE. In some emergency cases, we might ask partners to observe on-site, wearing masks.
  • Right after the forensic interview, partners join the family support advocate’s Zoom meeting with the caregiver(s) to inform them of what was disclosed during the forensic interview and to discuss next steps. The link to that meeting will be sent to you prior to the interview from one of our family support advocates, Erik Padilla or Maryssa O’Dell. The link will say Family Support and Post meeting.
  • You will need to pick up the recorded DVD’s after forensic interviews. These will not be in the building where forensic interviews are conducted (2617 Iris Hollow Place), but the building next door, to the right (2619 Iris Hollow Place). Please use the Community Entrance on the north east rear corner of the building to pick up DVD’s. Because staff is limited within the building, please call first to confirm that someone is there to give you the DVD.

The team at Blue Sky Bridge has worked hard to ensure that forensic interviews and family support can still happen in a safe way. This new set-up requires more time and effort from the team, which has reduced the number of interviews we can do at Blue Sky Bridge per week. Right now, this reduced capacity is critical to the health and well-being of our entire team. THIS IS WHY NOW, MORE THAN EVER, COMMUNICATION IS VITAL. If you have a case that meets emergency criteria – safety concerns, a young child (6 and under)-CALL AND TALK IT OVER WITH THE TEAM. We can talk it through with you and evaluate the need to schedule an emergency case.

Like everyone, we are working hard to do our jobs in new and sometimes frustrating ways, trying to stay safe and healthy, and attempting to find sanity and build resiliency. Boulder County needs this multi-disciplinary team to work together so we can keep more kids safe. We are in this together, we need each other, and kids need us too.

If you have any questions, feedback, concerns, challenges or are having trouble scheduling an interview, please do not hesitate to email me or call me – (303)444-1388 extension 100.

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