Protect a Child

Child abuse remains a serious problem in Boulder County.

Research indicates that  1 in 10 children are sexually abused before age 18. It is estimated that in Boulder County, 2 new children are sexually abused every day. This indicates a continued threat for the mental and physical welfare and safety of our children.

Report Child Abuse
Who To Call?

Anyone may make a report of suspected child abuse. You do not need proof, just a suspicion.

In Boulder County call the Department of Housing and Human Services:


Other Colorado counties

Outside Colorado call:


If you are uncertain what to do call us at 303-444-1388 and we will guide you.

For more information on mandatory reporting read “Reporting Child Abuse in Colorado“.
To read the statutes go to:

Reporting Child Abuse in Colorado

Suspected Child Abuse
Handling Disclosures –
The 5 “R”s
  • Remain calm. Panic only causes the child’s fear and anxiety to increase.
  • Respect the child.
  • Refrain from conducting your own investigation. Too many questions can ruin the integrity of the case. Defense attorneys can argue “coaching” in these instances.
  • Refuse to discuss this with others. Go to the appropriate agencies and professionals.
  • Report the disclosure to the appropriate agency. Law enforcement and Human Services can direct your call.
Preventing Abuse
Things You Can Do?
  • Communicate with your child
  • Identify safe adults in child’s life
  • Teach/model appropriate boundaries
  • Teach difference between “secrets” and “surprises”
  • Appropriately name genitals
  • Talk about who can touch/see those parts and when:
    • Specific Doctors
    • Mommy/Daddy
    • Other caregivers
  • Pay attention to people who show an interest in your child
  • Supervise physical boundaries between child and adult
  • Empower your children to set boundaries for themselves (i.e. allow them to say “No”)
  • Ask questions

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