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Bear Creek
Crest View
Fall River
Indian Peaks
Longmont Estates
Mountain View
Rocky Mountain
Uni Hill

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“Blue Sky Bridge has taught our students how to advocate for their own safety and how to seek help from trusted adults when needed. Their program is taught in a clear and engaging way, and is very complimentary to what we teach our students here at Sanchez Elementary.”
Carl Sanchez
Counselor, Sanchez Elementary

“Blue Sky Bridge is a well-run, educational program that benefited our 3rd grade students and empowered them with new skills.”
Betsy Ball, M.A. Ed.
Principal, Mead Elementary

“Blue Sky Bridge provides a developmentally appropriate , research-based teaching program for students. It is one of the best, most proactive things we can provide our children in terms of keeping them safe”.
Josh Baldner
Principal, Mesa Elementary

“I highly recommend the school-based Prevention Education Program offered to elementary schools by Blue Sky Bridge. Their staff is highly professional, responsive, and well versed. They have worked with our staff, parents and students since 2011 to develop and present a curriculum that addresses the sensitive area of child abuse prevention.”
Ned Levine, Former Principal
Crest View Elementary

“I believe in Blue Sky Bridge. In my fourth year of a working relationship with Blue-Sky Bridge, it has been an amazing transformation for children to learn and understand that they have the power to keep themselves safe. Blue Sky Bridge teaches students the language and gives them practical tools to advocate for themselves. Students begin to understand how to ask for help, what this looks like and when it’s time to ask for help. In the process, students gain confidence in themselves. Thank you, Blue Sky Bridge for keeping our children safe and continuing to educate our community to prevent child abuse.”
Ida Kilcullen, School Counselor
Indian Peaks Elementary