The Education Committee is comprised of dedicated Blue Sky Bridge volunteers who work on education initiatives with the focus of prevention and early detection of child abuse. This program works with schools’ staff, parents and the third grade students.  If you would like to be involved with our Prevention Education Program, please fill out our Volunteer Application for the Education Program and email the form to our [email_link email=””]Prevention Education Coordinator[/email_link]. For more information on our School-Based Prevention Education Program, click here.

Members of the Education Committee

  • Annette Kissinger, Chair and Board representative
  • Heather Branan
  • Katherine Brennan
  • Amy Britton
  • Julia Cantarovici
  • Aimee Day
  • Sheri Devereux
  • Stephanie Drummond
  • Donna Ellman
  • Jane Enterline
  • Emily Gadacz
  • Claudia Gilbert
  • Anne Hedlund
  • Nancy Hoffman
  • Sara Horn
  • Sara King
  • Annlee Landman
  • Amy Larson
  • Tanja Leonard
  • Alice Messinger
  • Julia Nicholson-Paine
  • Patty Sharp
  • Lester Wall
  • Trish Wood


Boulder Professionals Committee

The Boulder Professionals put together our annual BSB By the Glass event in March.

Members of the Boulder Professionals Committee

  • Catrina Weigel, Chair and Board Member
  • Erica Baasten
  • Larry Bennett, Board Member
  • Gina Earles, Executive Director
  • Joshua Fiester
  • Brian French
  • Alli Gerrish, Board Member
  • Janet Hawkes
  • Dave Heal
  • Lori Lundrigan
  • Trevor Mickelson
  • Jane O’Herron
  • Dave Rich
  • Mary Susan Stults
  • David Thompson
  • Katie Thompson
  • Lesly Wagner
  • Alice Warren-Gregory


Members of the Finance Committee

  • Heidi Foote, Chair and Board Treasurer
  • Gina Earles, Executive Director
  • Catrina Weigel, Board Chair
  • Catharine Merigold, Community Volunteer
  • Paige Norton, Board Secretary

Expert Committee Interest

If you are interested in serving on any of our Expert Committees please fill out this form to learn more.

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