Body Safety

Blue Sky Bridge is now offering our Body Safety Lessons virtually.

Prior to COVID-19 our Education Team brought weekly class presentations to kindergarten and third grade students across Boulder Valley and St. Vrain Valley School Districts. Now, these lessons have been adapted to animated videos to allow for online learning. Nothing can replace the connection of in-person learning, but body safety education is important now more than ever.

The animated videos are developmentally age appropriate with an emphasis on touching rules and body safety rules, the difference between secrets and surprises, identifying trusted adults, and the “No, Go, Tell” plan.

The curriculum seeks to increase awareness of abuse, teach strategies for prevention, and instruct on how to report abuse if it has occurred. The curriculum also equips children with a strategy to help keep themselves safe and encourages open dialogue between children and the adults in their lives on issues related to sexual development and abuse.

This flyer highlights the information on this webpage for parents, third grade and kindergarten teachers.

In this video, you will see clips from our Education Program during the 2018-2019 school year. While these lessons are now virtual, we discuss the same topics and use many of the same elements to teach body safety.

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